Bluewater Video Blog: Dean Denell

Published by: Emaly Kuhn

We are introducing a new series: our VLOG! First to be featured is our Marketing Creative Director Dean Denell. Watch or read below to learn about how he has made his mark on Bluewater.



My name is Dean Denell. I’m a Creative Director here at Bluewater. I’m responsible for anything from animation, to videography, to presentation, concept sketches… Really, an array of different forms of art and expression.

Growing up, I guess I’ve always been interested with animation. My friends and I would create little stop motion pieces, or various films. It was something I was always doing, and then it just naturally made sense. I was always the kid in school that was drawing in people’s yearbooks, or doodling in the math books and stuff.

Bluewater, to me, is like an extension of school, because I am probably learning something everyday. I wanna always be kind of pushing the limit to what I can do. One of my favorite parts about Bluewater is going on to the sites and really seeing those projects that were once just a sketch or a doodle, and now it’s on a giant LED wall, or projection mapped on a building.

Here at Bluewater, it’s so cool, because we actually have the tools and the people that can take a dream and really flesh it out and make it actually just happen.

For other artists, my advice would be to always push yourself, if you wanna really fully express yourself and find out what you’re capable of, you gotta believe in your idea and stick with it, and eventually other people start to buy in and they really start to understand the vision.

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