When Virtual Reality Becomes Your Customer's Reality

Published by: Emaly Kuhn

Jeff Day was featured on Shep Hyken's Amazing Business Radio, where he talked all about the future of virtual reality!

Top Takeaways from the Podcast:

  • Virtual reality uses a headset to have multi-projected environments of a space create the realistic sensation of physically being somewhere. It’s being somewhere without actually being there.
  • Augmented reality projects in a physical space items that are not physically there. This uses more camera and sensory technology.
  • Google created Google Cardboard, a small headset device made out of cardboard that turns your mobile phone into a virtual reality headset. In 2016, 88 million units were sold.
  • The Kindle Fire Mayday Button allows you to instantly have a person pop up on your screen and be there to guide you through your problem. It’s not a recording. It’s a real live person in a call center speaking directly to you, on your device, helping you out.
  • Microsoft HoloLens allows you to take and pin virtual display monitors in the air so that they don’t occupy any physical space. When the glasses are worn, the images hover in the air in front of you and allow you to manipulate and move the images.
  • People want to see and experience something before they buy it. Think about what your customers would like to see, in virtual reality or augmented reality, and ask yourself if you can bring that experience to life virtually for them.

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