Welcome to the Family!

Published by: Scott Schoeneberger

This year has already been kicked off with a BANG! From projects we’re working on to the ridiculous amount of fun we’ve been having as a team, there has been no shortage of activity in these first few months! To support all of this we’ve been busy adding to our family. 

Job creation is something we’re incredibly passionate about. We believe it’s our purpose to create amazing jobs, and further, to provide an atmosphere that gets our team excited to come to work every day. With that said, we’re very proud to welcome the first group of new hires for 2017!  Please join us in welcoming:
  • Bryan Bristoll – Installation Technician
  • Alex Wandas – Warehouse Technician
  • Andrew D’Hondt – Engineer / Fabricator
  • Nicole Brewart Executive Assistant, CEO
  • Peter Brunotte Account Manager
  • Lance Jewett Fabricator
  • Adam Kapraun Solutions Architect
  • Mark Mansoor – Field Service Technician
  • Zack Issa – Project Manager
  • Dave Olzak Executive Vice President of Sales

We’ve got quite the lineup, with over 225 full-time employees, all pulling together to create phenomenal technology-charged experiences for strong brands and their partners. If you’re interested in joining on with us, keep on eye on our careers page for a list of current openings! If you're just looking to say hi, follow the link below to get in touch! 



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