LED Galore!

Published by: Candice Enochs

Last week we had new inventory of LED and guess what? Remember when I mentioned there was more on the way? We’ve got it in! The ROE Magic Cube MC18 has just arrived and we couldn't help but to sneak in the warehouse to take a peek at it. It’s stunning! The warehouse was lit up with LED panels all throughout. 


Some features that really make this product stand out are its weight, installation & frame structure, transparency & refresh rate, and surface & durability. It's thin and lightweight making it easy to maneuver for on-site installers. Using magnets, it's very simple to assemble, so easy that it can be put together by just one person. Since all the MC family of products share the same frame structure, they can easily be integrated with each other to satisfy any design. The high transparency and refresh rate makes for a great picture all the time. And, there is no need to worry about water or humidity because of its waterproof design. Overall, The ROE Magic Cube MC18 allows for flexible, creative designs with fast and easy installation.


It is so much fun watching our techs assemble the panels and prepare to have them shipped for events. See what our very own LED Live Events Technician, Cory O’Connell, has to say about the newly purchased LED! 

“We own nearly 3,500 LED panels, with a thousand ROE Magic Cube MC18, and over a thousand Absen A7 panels. Our pixel pitches range from one of our newest products, Absen A2 Pro, which is 2.9mm, to what just arrived in our warehouse this week, ROE Magic Cube MC18, which is 18.75mm. Majority of our LED operates using the Novastar Control system, others include Barco DX-700 using Directors Toolset and Evision Control.”

We’re so excited to have new inventory and would love to share some information with you if you’re looking to implement the use of LED!


Reach out to us and we will be more than happy to connect with you!



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