Jimmy John's Field LED Video Board

Published by: Doug Wack

What's more fun than working on a minor league baseball stadium? Helping to launch a new sports league, that's what! Have you heard of the Jimmy John's Field? If you haven't, you are missing out on the "first independent professional ballpark in the metropolitan Detroit area!"


This post references the technical details of the "biggest, baddest scoreboard in minor league baseball," coming from the man himself, Andy Appleby, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the United Shore Professional Baseball League. This project is truly exceptional for a minor league baseball stadium as it is both large in scale and offers state of the art technology.

Sure, the United Shore Professional Baseball League could have stopped at large and state of the art but that's not their style. Instead, they flanked the monster center-field screen with more LED acting as the sponsor panels to the right, left and below the main board. This set up is extremely flexible and allows for sponsors to be updated live throughout the game. How cool is that?

The system is specifics are as follows:

  • Main Screen- 40ft x 23.5ft,19:9, 10mm Pixel Pitch LED, with a 1152x672 resolution Absen A1088
  • Sponsor Right and Left- 15ft W x 23.5ft H, 16mm Pixel Pitch Absen A1688 LED
  • Sponsor Bottom- 40.3 ft W x 6.72ft H, 16mm Pixel Pitch Absen A1688 LED
  • Click Effects - Digital content delivery system

All the Absen LED screens are mounted on the giant steel structure built by our partners at Allied Sign. As if that is not enough, this ballpark also has a monster 25ft x 9.45ft double sided, vibrant Absen X16 LED Marquee outside of the stadium to greet guests and announce events.

For those of you keeping track of the models of LED and technology, this project uses both traditional DIP LED and outdoor SMT LED. LED technology is a more energy efficient way to make light and the SMT LED on the marquee sign takes that to another level with cutting edge efficiency, lowering the energy consumption of the marquee, saving money for customers and electricity for the environment.



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