InfoComm 2016 LED Recap

Published by: Doug Wack

It was clear to see that LED is growing in popularity and market acceptance as it becomes more and more ubiquitous at InfoComm and in the AV world. Below you can find 5 major trends happening in the context of that growth:



Fine Pitch or HD LED

While trends toward finer pixel pitch continues, there seems to be a general consensus that we have reached the end of the practical need for greater resolution. Resolution sub 1mm seem to be unnecessary as LED is intended to be a large-scale format display. Small format displays such as LCD can easily cover small form factor high resolution applications.  This is a general observation, specific applications that are exceptions can always be found.

4K LED Control

While it has been possible to run a 4K LED screen with multiple sending units, the unveiling of the NovaStar 4K control unit announced the arrival of 4K to LED. As is always the case, others will be on the same path and may already have similar offerings or will soon.

Consolidation and Acquisition

Display manufacturers of all types are acquiring competing technology as the display industry seems to be progressing toward a consolidation of technologies.  That is LED manufacturers are buying LCD display manufactures and LCD manufacturers are acquiring LED manufacturers. Or perhaps they are organically growing an LED division to compliment other display technologies. Examples are:

  • Leyard/Planar
  • Samsung/Yesco
  • Sony
  • Christie adding LED even if it is a white labeled product
  • LG- Looking to add LED in the coming months

New Technology

Sony was a standout, not only from an LED prospective, but in terms of advancing display technology with their new Crystal LED Display. With regard to that technology, Gary Kayye at Rave says,  "Crystal Light Emitting Diode Integrated Structure (CLEDIS), uses Sony’s ultrafine LEDs in a unique surface mounting structure as its light source to deliver a visual experience not possible with even the highest end conventional LED array. This scalable new type of canvas delivers an unmatched viewing experience, offering 99 percent black surface area, for high contrast, high resolution and immersive visuals."

The technology will surely change the course of LED displays in the future but without any pricing or a delivery date, it feels a lot like OLED did a few years ago, lots of promise but no practical application at present.  One can be certain it will be expensive and market adoption will take time, but the cool factor of this display will certainly help drive acceptance and hopefully help drive costs down in the process.

Merging Technology

With the merging display technology companies, some could expect the merging of display technologies to follow as newly merged companies work through their combined technology road-map which will invariably include elements of technology from both acquiring and acquired companies.  The winners in this mash-up of technologies will not necessarily be the those with the most or best tech but those who can seamlessly mesh two cultures and collectively agree on a direction for their technology. Watch for speed to market of new products utilizing combined technology from each company as a marker for success for these merged companies.

Hey, don't hesitate to reach out if you want to learn more about LED and why it is the absolute "hottest" technology out in the world today!


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