4 Products You Can't Help but Love

Published by: Scott Schoeneberger

Today we kick off a deeper look into six elements for creating experiential spaces, starting with products. This option provides a fantastic gateway into what’s possible. If you’re looking at outfitting a space with technology, especially to create unique experiences, there’s really no limit to what can be done. It’s pure imagination at play.

While going the custom route ensures what you create is unique and specific to your brand, it can often take too long or put costs out of budget. Sometimes it’s just too overwhelming to think about managing a program like this on top of the everyday whirlwind of business. Luckily there are options here. There are more products released every year that cater to these type of scenarios.

These products range from completely off-the-shelf solutions to semi-customizable offerings. This might include items that are complete self-service down to the installation, or they may still require professional installation but will still get you moving quickly. Either way they get moving without a lot of heartburn.  

To illustrate what these products can look like we’ve pulled together some examples of ready-to-use options that we've recently created.


Magic Doors


This freestanding door frame holds a secret: It's a lot of fun to open! Placed out of context for where you would expect to find a door, this product creates a natural draw. Every time the door is opened the content changes to something new, from visual gag content or highlights of real spaces, to a live feed to another door or artist performance. 


Not all rooms have the luxury of coming with a view, but that doesn't mean you can't have the best view in the building. Digital windows built into a surround give an illusion that you're not in the center of the building, and have the added benefit of allowing the scene to be changed to just about anything or anywhere. Feeling a certain season? Switch to a snowy mountain view. Miss the city? Turn on a loop of real captured urban content. From imaginary scenes to real footage, you can have a view of anything. 


There's something magical about the power of play in both healing and everyday interactions. We created ActivePlay as a positive distraction for healthcare, but this type of interactive solution provides benefits through many markets. This is a great example of a ready-to-deploy product that immediately brings life to quiet areas and offers subtle interactivity in a minimal footprint. 

VR City Viewers


Virtual Reality (VR) has taken off in recent years, making the experience much more accessible. What hasn't changed is the experience using VR hardware. Most likely you will strap a headset on before you immerse in a new world. The VR City Viewer aims to break that requirement and provide a more natural VR experience. Looking into the viewer transports you to any place imaginable to explore. 

If you're looking for ways to transform an everyday space into an uncommon attraction, just hit contact! We love to conceptualize and design new types of environments that leverage technology to foster human interaction.

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