Bluewater Personnel Report: Kevin O'Hara

Published by: Emaly Kuhn

Have you seen the pilot episode of the VLOG? If not, be sure to check it out to learn more about our Marketing Creative Director Dean Denell. This week, we are excited to give you a chance to get to know Kevin O'Hara, our VP of Solutions & Architectures.

Watch or read below to get to know Kevin!


My name’s Kevin O’Hara and I’m the Vice President of Solutions and Architecture here at Bluewater.

I’ve pretty much spent my entire life as a programmer. I started programming when I was about seven or eight years old. I remember my grandfather actually took me into his office, and sat me on his lap, and showed me how to write programs in basic, and I was able to write things like making jingle bells and making the screen flash. So, from that point on, I was kinda hooked, and that’s kind of where my career’s taken me.

When I started kind of looking for the next, you know, position in my career, I kind of wanted two things: I wanted a company that had really strong leadership, that truly cared about their people, and I also wanted to work with leading edge, awesome technology. So, I kind of feel  I feel very fortunate that I was able to find both of those things here at Bluewater.

What I really like about Bluewater is it really does have a small company — almost a startup — feel. That allows us to kind of, you know, break down those barriers, go in everyday, get stuff done, build new technologies kind of without the typical problems of, you know, the larger organizations and the red tape and stuff like that.

So, that’s really inspiring to me, and also, you know, just the fact that we have all these incredible resources that are at our disposal. And, really, our resources are our people. Just incredible, creative talent. It’s an incredible place to work.

One of the areas that I’m excited about is kind of the mixed reality stuff that we’re doing right now. We’re beyond the phase where it’s just novelty and people are doing it just to be flashy. Now, we’re actually finding real solid use cases for clients to actually experiment with mixed technology to either bring life to their brand or their event, or bring life to their sales team, or whatever.

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